Morgana Lengfeld Artistic biography.

After establishing herself as a stylist through collaborations with national and international brands, in 2015 she moved her attention elsewhere. As well as being a very popular social influencer (@morganalengfeld), she felt a strong appeal to art, starting to paint constantly and with passion. Her very original paintings are children of her modern style, where there is a thin line that unites fantasy with reality. A versatile and skilful designer, she enriched her baggage during her numerous journeys that have strengthened her artistic sensibility and inspired her, allowing her to create very intense paintings, which decontextualise the subjects giving them a new hypothetical identity. In her works we can find all the fashion and glamor style and the pop, rock and bohemian influences that derive from her international experiences. Currently her works are very well known, from showbiz personalities and art lovers. As appreciated style consultant, she is often called upon to invent very personal environment ideas for locations of various kinds. In her last work, "Prohibited Playing Cards", Morgana wanted to give a strong social message, representing a dangerous card, a forbidden and violent game that symbolizes the sad fate of women and the unknown.


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